Graffiti at the junction of Odysseos and Aphrodite streets, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Chania - World Day Against Drugs 2022

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Publication of the calendar "Vardaris 2023"

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Welcome to the Self-Help Promotion Program

If you feel that you have a problem with drug use, alcohol, gambling, internet applications, etc. we may be able to help.

If a relative or friend is experiencing an addiction problem and you would like to seek help or just talk about it, contact us.

Self-Help Promotion Programmes support people who are experiencing addiction problems as well as members of their family and friends.

Our programmes are ‘open’ (externally monitored), ‘dry’ (we do not administer substitutes) and are aimed at adults. The services we offer are free, respectful of confidentiality and our response is prompt, as there are no waiting lists.

Our intervention is personalised, meaning that we formulate your plan together to meet your needs and the phase of your life at the time.

In our programmes you will meet experienced and trained professionals, including former substance abusers.

It doesn’t matter what substance you use, how often or how you use it.
It doesn’t matter what gambling you do or what internet applications you use.
If you feel like you need a hand, perhaps we can help.

Support for people with addiction problems

The central action of the Self-Help Promotion Programm is the psychosocial support of people facing addiction problems.


The Self-Help Promotion Programm is active in the field of prevention of addictions and other psychosocial problems and develops actions in cooperation with schools, institutions, organisations, collectives and groups of the local community.

Social inclusion

In the Self-Help Promotion Programme we do not only aim at the professional or only at the social inclusion of members in rehabilitation. Instead, we attempt to propose a framework for inclusion that combines and gives equal weight to both of these dimensions.

Self-help – Mutual aid

By self-help/Mutual-aid we mean the activation of the individual in order to deal with a problem that concerns him/her within a context of collectivity and solidarity and, by extension, the reversal of the passivity that tends to characterize the attitude of citizens on health issues.

Support for family and friends

One of the main activities of the Self-Help Promotion Programm is to support the relatives and friends of people who have an addiction problem.

The prevention of drugs and other psychosocial problems is love, compassion, humanity, solidarity, friendship and the retreat of personal and individual interests before the collective well-being.

Phoebus ZafeiridisScientific Coordinator of the Self-Help Promotion Programm

About us

Self-help Promotion Program’s work based on the most up – to – date critical approaches in the field of Psychology and Addiction. According to these approaches, we give emphasis on social, political and cultural aspects of etiology of addiction. All the implemented interventions are tailored to members’ needs.

In addition, self-help/mutual aid philosophy and the active participation of members are some of the main features or our work.

Self-help/mutual aid refers to citizens’ taking action to assist one another in order to deal with their own life situation, within a context of solidarity and mutuality. Some of the key features of self-help/mutual aid is self – motivation, active attitude on health issues and taking responsibility.