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Self-help Promotion Program carries out training programs on critical approaches in the field of addiction as well as on self-help/mutual aid implementation in health issues. The training programs address to students, social scientists, health professionals, stakeholders and citizens. In addition, SHPP conducts or/and supports research in relevant fields.

The social and cultural etiology of addiction and new paradigms of support are the central context of our educational programs. According to this view, the education programs aim to introduce to health professionals a holistic way of viewing health problems and educate them in new roles of supporting members of the community.

The education process based on:
– active participation of trainees
– cooperative learning
– direct link between theory and practice
– the tutor as an advisor rather than an expert

Available Education Programs

  • Introductory Courses in the field of addiction
  • Annual Training Program in Critical Approaches of Addiction (theoretical courses & internship at SHPP)
  • Training program in theory and research in the field of addiction