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One of the main activities of the Self-Help Promotion Program is to support the relatives and friends of people who have an addiction problem.

To support the family and friends of people with addiction problems, the program develops the following actions:

  • individual support meetings
  • support groups for parents and relatives of addicts
  • information and seminars on the phenomenon of addiction and ways of dealing with it
  • linking with similar self-help/mutual aid groups.

The basic principles of how we operate are:

  • the individualized intervention, that is, we jointly formulate the support plan so that the relatives concerned can participate in the program, depending on their life stage and needs
  • η έμφαση στη building trust and confidence
  • the methodology of supporting relatives and significant others of people with addiction problems is based on modern people-centered approaches of the field of addictions.

The services we offer are:

  • free of charge
  • with respect to confidentiality
  • appointments are being booked immediately, as there are no waiting lists