Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - School of Psychology - Funded by the Ministry of Health and implemented in cooperation with the Greek Organization Against Drugs (OKANA)

Our Services

If you feel that you have problems with drug or alcohol or even gambling, maybe we can help you. In Self Help Promotion Programs we can provide care and support to you and your loved ones. Our program is non-residential and drug-free, as we do not administrate any medication as substitutes and there are no waiting lists. The program is addressed to adults and all our services are free of charge.
You can contact us even if drug use is no longer in your life yet you need help regarding social integration issues such as education or job problems or if you just need a safe place to be.

Our intervention is individualized as we are planning your involvement in the program together with you in order to meet your needs taking always into account your life stage.

In our facilities you will meet experienced and specialized professionals including employees who had once and overcame their problems with substance use.
It doesn’t matter what is the drug of your choice, how often you use it or how you use it. If you feel that you need help may be we can help.