Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - School of Psychology - Funded by the Ministry of Health and implemented in cooperation with the Greek Organization Against Drugs (OKANA)

Social Integration

Social and vocational integration is a process that begins in the early stages of recovery once the abstinence from drugs has been stabilized. According to this view, the program provides support in legal, educational, medical and vocational issues for its members giving emphasis in motivating them to take action for these issues. This kind of support is essential for the course of recovery and integration.

For the effective arrangement of the multiple issues people may confront during the recovery process, Self- help Promotion Program’s personnel make constant contacts with state organizations, institutions and associations in order to create and maintain a supportive network for people in recovery. Thus, a supportive network of social care services, educational institutions, ngos, job training institutions etc is available for the members of the program.

Briefly, Self – Help Promotion Program, in association with other institutions, provides:

  • Job Training
  • Seminars in Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Computer and foreign language courses
  • Arrangement of health issues and courses on health education
  • Legal Support