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The central action of the Self-Help Promotion Program is the psychosocial support of people facing addiction problems.

More specifically, the program is aimed at:

  • adults with a problem of addiction to legal or illegal substances (alcohol, drugs) as well as gambling, internet applications, etc.
  • to people with addiction and mental health problems in close cooperation with the relevant institutions
  • members of self-help/mutual aid groups, and
  • to members of the substitution programme of the UCAS (ΟΚΑΝΑ)

It also provides an initial support to people with a claim other than that of addiction.

Our programs are:

  • Open” (external monitoring)
  • Dry ” (we do not provide substitutes)

The services we offer are:

  • free of charge
  • with respect to confidentiality
  • appointments are booked immediately, as there are no waiting lists

The actions developed in the context of psychosocial support are:

  • Day Centre for Support of Addicted Persons
  • Support-mobilisation groups for people with addiction problems
  • Individual meetings concerning the continuous accompaniment of the progress of those directly concerned in the rehabilitation process
  • Raising awareness of people around the principles of self-help / mutual aid
  • Awareness-raising actions on cultural, social and ecological issues
  • Actions and interventions in cooperation with the local community
  • Information seminars on the phenomenon of addiction

-Support for social and professional integration

  • Support in medical, legal, educational and professional matters
  • Computer and language training seminars

The basic principles of how we operate are:

  • the individualised intervention, i.e. we jointly formulate the support plan with each person concerned according to his/her needs and life stage
  • the emphasis on building trusting relationships as the basis of the rehabilitation process
  • the active participation and taking responsibility of stakeholders not only in the support process, but also in its design.