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Self-help Promotion (SHPP) participates since 2005 as a regular member on
behalf of Greece in the European Network of Health Professionals for
Self – help Support. This network has been active for the last 30 years
and consists of social and health scientists from many European
countries who work in organizations that support self-help groups and

The target of this network is to exchange experience and good practice
regarding self-help/mutual aid support. Every two years, a European
meeting is held with the participation of national representatives of
various European countries. In European Meeting, addition to the
exchange of experience, are also discussed current scientific developments
of the field of self-help.

SHPP organized the 13th European Meeting which was held in 2015 in
Chania, Greece and the general theme of the meeting was “Self-help
groups and Self-help support in transitional times in Europe: Challenges
and Perspectives for self-help supporters”