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Self-help Promotion Program facilitates citizens who wants to initiate their own self-help groups. The method of facilitation espouses the current methodologies of the field and includes:

  • Seminars for stakeholders
  • Subsidiary literature provision
  • Ongoing support of the groups

Self-help Promotion Program has supported the initiation of various self-help groups and initiatives of citizens in the following fields: Thalasseamia, Diabetes, MS, Cancer, Learning Disabilities, Drug Use, Mental Health, Behavioral addictions.

Self – help Promotion Program has established a valuable network of self-help groups and initiatives regarding various health issues and psychosocial problems. Due to this networking, Self help Promotion Program can interconnect people dealing with various health issues with self-help groups as well as work with them. The most important fields of this cooperation includes:

  • dissemination of the philosophy of self-help groups amongst the members of community through various activities (seminars, articles, conferences for self-help in cooperation with self help groups)
  • technical support
  • advocacy actions to promote their work and reinforce their voice
  • raising awareness among scientists of the field regarding self-help groups’ functioning

Program’s cooperation with self-help groups is characterized by absolute respect for the autonomy of the group, according to the ethics of self-help group support.