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We implement drug abuse prevention programs/projects in cooperation with citizens, schools and associations. The programs we implement are designed according to the needs and the problems expressed by the community as well as by our suggestions formed by what we “listen” from the community.

We design, implement and evaluate the above mentioned programs together with the target group of each project. This kind of cooperation is one of the core principles of the community projects we develop. As a result, the projects are designed within the community, together with the community and for the community and the local characteristics of each community are taken into account during the design stage of each project. Environmental issues, social issues, culture, community development, sports are usually the context of our drug prevention programs.

Main targets of the prevention programs are:

  • drug use prevention and the prevention of other psychosocial problems
  • the promotion of self-help/mutual aid philosophy and training in self-help/mutual aid practices
  • the demarginalization of ex – addicts through their participation in social groups and community projects
  • the creation of meeting places where people can express themselves and communicate their ideas and concerns
  • the empowerment of citizens in order to take action and participate actively in the matters that concern them
  • the empowerment of citizens and their communities in order to re-gain control of their lives
  • the promotion of values such as solidarity, creativity, respect for human rights and human diversity as a counter – weight to modern lifestyle