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The aim of these actions is the “meeting” of people, collectives or institutions that adopt in their everyday life practices of self-organization, self-management, active participation in social, cultural, ecological and health issues. The dissemination of the idea of self-help/mutual aid and citizen’s self-action, in order to be achieved, must be based first of all on the meeting of people and groups that operate in a similar way or are inspired by this idea. The interaction resulting from this ‘meeting’ can lead to the formation of a common ‘space’ for action and expression, a network of communication between people or bodies with a common attitude to life, concerns and objectives from different starting points, causes and objects of action. On the one hand, it aims to expand a network of action of groups and collectives with common concerns and, on the other hand, to frame the psychosocial support actions of the programme through the undertaking of collaborative actions.

The main aim of these actions is to stimulate collectivity, to break with individualism and, above all, to reconnect the members of the programme with society through specific actions. Moreover, it is important to interact, to participate together in activities that highlight the value of sharing, beyond prejudice. Examples of relevant actions include our participation in the solidarity kitchen of the Social Centre – Migrant Shelter in Thessaloniki, the intervention team in Idomeni, the participation in the social kitchen in Chania, the collection of food and essentials for refugees and the “Toys of the World” action in refugee camps in Thessaloniki.