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The Self-Help Promotion Program is active in the field of prevention of addictions and other psychosocial problems and develops actions in cooperation with schools, institutions, bodies, collectives and groups of the local community.

In particular, the interventions that it implements in schools are inspired by third generation prevention interventions. These interventions recognize that each school has different needs, so they do not recommend the implementation of specific pre-designed programs. Rather, they are designed to help the school community to:

  • open a dialogue with all parties – students, parents and teachers
  • discuss the problems that exist in everyday school life
  • collectively plan actions to address them.

In this way these interventions are oriented towards reestablishing the school community and in retrieve the contact andof collegiality in school. About the Self-Help Promotion Program the creation of community within the school is crucial, as according to its philosophy, addictions and psychosocial problems can be prevented as long as a school functions collectively, cohesively, inclusively and democratically.

Specifically, the Self-Help Promotion Program of Sitia has systematically carried out prevention interventions, having stable and long-standing partnerships with schools in the area. Beyond the school, the Program has implemented long-term interventions that involve the whole local community, aiming at its direct, active and meaningful involvement.