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Treating gambling addictionCircular seminars exclusively for people with a problem gambling relationship.

In recent years more and more people have developed problematic relationships with gambling. It is an issue that for many people causes multiple consequences on an individual, family, social and professional level. On the other hand, a problematic relationship with gambling is not a one-way street. Many people through effort have managed to successfully deal with this issue.

In this context, the Self-Help Promotion Program of Larissa, which systematically supports people with gambling addiction and their relatives, will conduct a series of three two-hour seminars entitled: “Treating gambling addiction“, which is aimed at the following target groups. exclusively and only to people who feel they have a problematic relationship with gambling.

Among other things, the seminar will discuss the following:

  • The nature of gambling addiction.
  • The main characteristics of gambling addiction, the difficulties of dealing with it and the myths that accompany it.
  • The ways of dealing with this phenomenon and the value of mutual aid.

As the seminar is addressed exclusively to people who have or feel that they have a problematic relationship with gambling, those who are interested in participating should, before the start of the seminar, have one or two introductory meetings with the social scientists / executives of the Self-Help Promotion Programme of Larissa, in order to get more information about the seminar and its objectives and to receive comprehensive information about the programme.

At the end of the seminar, those interested can participate in support groups on this issue that will be held at the Larissa Self-Help Promotion Program, as well as receive personalized support services.

Those who are interested in participating in the seminars, which will start on the following day. Tuesday 20/2/2024 and will take place every Tuesday 18:00-20:00, are invited to register at the telephone number of the programme: 2410 233332, daily from 9:00 to 20:00, until Friday 16/2/2024, in order to have time for the individual information meetings that precede the seminars.

Participation in the seminars, as in all the activities of the Self-Help Promotion Program, is free.

Contact details:

Self-Help Promotion Program Larissa
Iroon Polytechniou 169 & Koutsouba
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00
Telephone: +30 2410 233332

– E-mail:

Contact person for more information:

Kostas Gaifillias, Social Worker, MSc Social Clinical Psychology of Addictions and Psychosocial Problems, Head of the Self-Help Promotion Program of Larissa.Responsible for the prevention and treatment of addiction in Larnaca.

Self-Help Promotion Program

The Self-Help Promotion Program bases its mode of operation on contemporary critical approaches to the science of Psychology and other social sciences, as well as the field of addictions. Based on these approaches, the program emphasises the social, political and cultural dimensions of the causes of the problem of addiction and other psychosocial problems. At the same time, people and their needs are placed at the centre of the interventions implemented, with their emancipation and the recovery of their dignity as the main priorities. The central pillars of the interventions carried out by the program are the concept of self-help/mutual aid and the protagonist role of those directly concerned.