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The Self-Help Promotion Program participates in the 6th Panhellenic conference of Psychosomatic Medicine with a presentation by its deputy scientific director, Sotiris Lainas, Dr. Psychology. The proposal entitled: “The proposal of self-help/mutual help in new forms of addiction”, will be presented on Friday 3/11/2023 at 14.30 at the table entitled: “Old and new addictions: From neurobiology to therapy”.

Detailed information about the conference program can be found here

Self-Help Promotion Program

The Self-Help Promotion Program bases its mode of operation on contemporary critical approaches to the science of Psychology and other social sciences, as well as the field of addictions. Based on these approaches, the program emphasises the social, political and cultural dimensions of the causes of the problem of addiction and other psychosocial problems. At the same time, people and their needs are placed at the centre of the interventions implemented, with their emancipation and the recovery of their dignity as the main priorities. The central pillars of the interventions carried out by the program are the concept of self-help/mutual aid and the protagonist role of those directly concerned.