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The Self-Help Promotion Program of Thessaloniki had the pleasure to participate again this year in the 24th Anti-Racist Festival of Thessaloniki, with its stand and with the Toys of the World, but also for the first time this year with the theatrical performance “Fragments in Vardari”, a performance by the Vardari Neighbourhood Group, the theatre workshop and the Music Group of the program. Of course in collaboration with dot2dot in the selection of texts and music and Theodore Polyzonis in the direction.

We would like to thank the organization for the invitation and all the people who came either to the playground or early on the west stage to support our performance.

*The Self-Help Promotion Program” of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki operates with the funding of the Ministry of Health and the cooperation of the O.KA.NA. and supports people with drug, alcohol and/or gambling addiction problems

Self-Help Promotion Program

The Self-Help Promotion Program bases its mode of operation on contemporary critical approaches to the science of Psychology and other social sciences, as well as the field of addictions. Based on these approaches, the program emphasises the social, political and cultural dimensions of the causes of the problem of addiction and other psychosocial problems. At the same time, people and their needs are placed at the centre of the interventions implemented, with their emancipation and the recovery of their dignity as the main priorities. The central pillars of the interventions carried out by the program are the concept of self-help/mutual aid and the protagonist role of those directly concerned.